vikki romano



devil in the details

being released in September as part of
desiree holt's omega team kindle world.

Asher Boyce is a veteran private securities agent with a jaded history in the CIA and with the women in his past.  When hired as a linguistics specialist by the Holden Agency to seek out a missing treasure in Russia, he realizes immediately that danger is inevitable.  And death is imminent.

Tara Harriman had been burned before. Working in conjunction with MI6 and the CIA, she knows what she’s getting into and she knows who she’s being partnered with…. a man she’d worked with five years earlier.  A man whose nearness ignited a passion she never thought could exist.  A man who’d never left her thoughts, even after all these years.

When danger traps them and threatens not only their lives but the lives of their friends, they must find a way to forgive the past so that they may have a chance at the future.  Together.

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